Why the Future of the World Depends on Free Doers

Dark Doers (0.01 percent of the population) have had control over too many human beings enslaved as Sheeple (99.9 percent of people) for far too long. These Dark Doers only care for control and profit. Now more than ever, we need Free Doers to wake up from their slumber to make a difference on the planet in these areas where we are seriously hurting:

The Economy

We are on the brink of another economic collapse, and countries are continuing to get into debt. Governments are still bailing out major corporations. We are now looking to bail out major countries whose are getting deeper into debt. We have no fundamental structure in place to solve this problem; it is like offering alcohol to a drunk.

Individuals who have their money tied up in mortgages, bonds, and the market are the ones who have the most invested in the current system. The people who are in control only care about keeping the economy going, underpinned by their greed, with no thought for the impact on the person on the street.

Social Issues

Even though alcohol is one of the most destructive influences on family life, here in Australia you can still see alcohol commercials in the ad break for every major sporting event. It’s probably the same where you live. In that same break you will see patriotic ads pushing the idea that we are as a nation better than any other, thus disconnecting us from one another, putting us in the position that we are above another human being. The Dark Doers (who control the corporations that control governments around the world) are pushing the underlying messages of racism and patriotic messages daily, reinforcing the idea that ‘we’ are different to ‘them’, creating stronger national barriers.

Suburbia in cities is on the rise: more and more houses are being built in suburbs without community in mind; people commute long distances to work, lock themselves away at home in the evenings, rather than being social, further putting distance between people and destroying the community spirit we once had. If we are not meeting up regularly, we are easily controlled. We are becoming a police state. Just have a look in your local area—how many more police stations are being built and set up? Ask why. Is it for our safety? Or perhaps revenue for the state? Or to better control us?

Ultimately, all social issues can be traced to the Dark Doers’ desire to control the sheeple, so they make more money and maintain their grip on power.


The media is set up so that you become addicted  to it and you have no choice in what you consume. Look at the news, for example: the underlying message is that the world is a fearful place, and you should be scared of it and other people.

Most programs push fear, hatred, and intolerance of other people. Their agenda is to separate us from one another, making us forget that we are loving beings. If you look at the ads on TV, the major products and services been pushed are there to keep us down: alcohol, gambling, junk food, pharmaceutical solutions, and on and on. The message that is put to us is simply to be good citizens, to buy more stuff, to be fearful of others and the world around us.

Looking at the media from this angle, is it set up to help us? Or to control us?


We are placed into school at the age of five, where we are taught we are either right or we are wrong. We are not taught that a failure is a good lesson learned, but that we have simply failed. This is drummed into us every single day for twelve years: by the time we come out we have been conditioned to judge ourselves as right or wrong – by our Inner Critic. This makes it very hard for us to grow into loving beings.

These twelve years condition us to be subservient, good corporate citizens. We are not encouraged to follow our passions. For example, if a child loves to dance, that child may only spend two to three hours a week dancing, having to spend the other 30 hours on mandatory subjects which may not resonate with them.

As well as the standard curriculum, why are we not taught about the nutritional value of raw foods? Why are we not taught meditation? Why are we not taught techniques on how to control our brains and thoughts, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)? Why are we not taught how to set our own goals and encouraged to reach for the sky?


With continuing pressure on corporations to make profit for shareholders, the best interests of humans and nature are simply not a priority when it comes to corporate strategy and government policy. As a result, we have issues such as climate change, energy crisis, lack of clean energy,environmental degradation, reduction of air and water quality, generic engineering, over-farming, soil contamination, nano-pollution, and more.

Seeing that board members of these companies will not relent, why are the employees not asking questions? Why are these employees working for these companies? Why not work for another company? If no one works for these companies, will they maintain their growth?


With more and more corporations setting up international operations, the push for profit is creating many issues, such as human trafficking, migrant sex work, Westernisation, higher energy consumption, economic inequality… the list rolls on and on. Why do we as Westerners want to go into another culture and change the way they’ve lived for so long?

Political System

Are we comfortable with the decisions being made for us by political parties? Do they lead to the best outcomes?

Many so called democracies continue to get consumed and enthralled by two-party debates; whether we like either party or not, we are ultimately forced to select one. Is the world a better place because of these bipartisan systems? Why do we continue with it, knowing that it’s broken?

Are we as a community really so much more stupid than a select few when it comes to making decisions for our own welfare? While these people are elected to act on behalf of us, they are receiving money from corporations to consider their side of the story. Is this right?

A Matter of Values

All of these issues boil down to people who are in control valuing money over human values. We are not led by humanitarians, but rather people who are easily persuaded by money forced to push the Dark Doers’ agenda. This value system need to be flipped. It’s all set up the wrong way, and we all know it but we do nothing about it. Why?

More than ever, we need people to wake up to become Free Doers. We need people to ignore the external influences and their own Inner Critics. As we learn to ignores the Inner Critic, and begin to live into our true potential as Free Doers, we begin to take power away from the Dark Doers and give it back to the people.

What do you think? (And what are you doing about it?)

So you may ask: “How will me becoming a Free Doer change the world?”

That kind of question is exactly why we are in this state. The major problem is that the Inner Critic within so many of us allows us to sit back and idly watch the world fall into disrepair.

Your becoming a Free Doer will make a difference. Even if it only makes a difference to one person at the end of your street, it will inspire others to do the same and to get off their butts. This will force people to connect with others who are also making a difference, creating a ripple effect of people making the world a better place.

This is why, now more than ever, we need Free Doers on this planet to make a difference to its future.

Do you agree that it’s important right now to become a Free Doer?

If so, what are you going to do about it?

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