The Five Types of People on This Planet

by Nick Dunin

You’ve probably noticed this planet is in deep trouble.

Whether you look at politics, the economy, social issues, war, the media, or the environment, you’ll find conflict, inequality and their consequences. It’s not a pretty sight.

It’s easy to look at the big picture and feel overwhelmed, or to sit back and wait for someone else (the government? big business? charities?) to deal with the problems we face. But all these problems are created by people. And whether each of us is adding to the problems or working towards a solution depends on the kind of person we choose to be.

Basically, there are people on this earth who make a difference to those around them and to humanity (however big or small that difference is), and there are people that do not.

These are the five types of people in the world today as I see it – see if you recognise yourself, and any of the people around you.

1. Sheeple

Sheeple are people who believe anything their government or those in power over them tell them to believe.

They tend to accept statements and situations at face value, including whatever they see reported in the mainstream media. They do no research or question what they have believed their whole lives, and do things because they believe, “Well that’s what we’ve always done!” By doing this, they easily give up the rights they have as human beings.

Sheeple are habitual consumers, continually looking to buy what companies and the media call newer and better  things so they can “keep up” with their friends and neighbors. They believe that happiness and society’s respect will come through a better house, a better car, or a better TV home system.

Sheeple also think that you can measure people’s worth by what jobs they have. To them, if you have a job you are worth something, and if you don’t, you’re worthless. They are often miserable in their jobs and do nothing to make themselves happier, because they believe they are doing the right thing by working to provide for themselves or their families.

In politics, Sheeple don’t look too far beneath the surface. They believe that electing new officials will help to solve the problems the previous officials left behind, and that at least some politicians have their best interests at heart. Even if they know this isn’t true, they don’t really do anything to get a better system of government.

Overall, Sheeple are apathetic about the world at large and anything outside of the little bubbles where they work and consume their lives away.

We are all “unsheepled” while we are young and innocent, virgin minds. But going to school we are trained to become Sheeple through conditioning to be subserviant to the system around us and not to question authority.

 2. Black Sheeple

Black Sheeple—a.k.a. Denialists—see themselves as black sheep: unique and outcast from society.

This kind of person is the reverse of a Sheeple in many ways. He or she completely disbelieves anything that the government or the mass media tells them—not because they have researched the issue and come to a different conclusion – but because they reject authority and the status quo.

However, they do accept one authority—the alternative political and media scene. They believe anything that alternative media tell them—even if the so-called “alternative” newspaper, TV show, or website is just as profit-driven as a mainstream source. They think their alternative viewpoint makes them superior to Sheeple when they are, ironically, just as sheep-like as those who follow the mainstream media without question.

Even though a Black Sheeple’s thinking really isn’t that complex, he or she still wants the world to be a better place and for everyone in it to be happy. This belief puts them one step ahead of Sheeple. I believe that when people realise that the system—government, the mainstream media, capitalism, etc.—that is controlling us is not for the good of humanity, they naturally progress from being Sheeple to being black Sheeple by rejecting the systems that are causing people pain and unhappiness.

The problem here, though, is that they aren’t really Free Thinkers even though they think they are.  Just looking at the “alternative media” doesn’t make you a Free Thinker. In fact, it can make people quite the opposite. Unless you are looking at all sides of a story and searching for the facts, you aren’t an independent thinker. And ultimately, you can’t do anything to improve on the system that controls people’s happiness.

3. Free Thinkers

Free Thinkers look at the information that the media, politicians, religions, companies, and other powerful entities present to them and do their own research.

They don’t follow any major institutions without hard facts presented to them and without coming to their own conclusions. At their cores, they question everything and are open to going wherever the facts lead them. They trust their gut instinct/intuition to tell them what is really the truth.

The internet and its overflow of information has helped to create many Free Thinkers, but this information overload encourages inaction. So, even though Free Thinkers want the world to be a better place and have humanity’s best interests at heart, many of them don’t take action to bring about that better world. Instead, many of them merely think, observe, and keep their theories to themselves.

4. The Dark Doer

The tiniest fraction of people on the earth fits into the category of Dark Doers – but these people wield most of the power over people from the first three groups we’ve looked at.

They have no love for humanity, only themselves, their families, their pockets, and, of course, holding onto power. You can typically find them in government, corporations, the mainstream media, and positions of authority within religions. They despise and enslave people, by telling them what to do, what to think, and what to feel while using them like pawns for the betterment of their power.

Dark Doers are bitter human beings who fear human progress and happiness, because both would threaten their power and wealth. Often, being raised in an environment where greed and power are praised above all else means they have never experienced love and have never truly loved another person. This lack of love allows them to do the terrible things they do to people. They are usually very clever, but their cynicism and unkindness leads them to using their power to destroy and conquer.

A Dark Doer revels in conquering people for his or her own gain, even when this leads humanity into misery and war.  These people will create technology and machines with the promise of abundance, but the only abundance these inventions bring is money to line their pockets. They leave the rest of us enslaved to the world these inventions create, always wanting more, like good little consumers should.

Dark Doers in politics are even more subtle. They let you think you have power in the political process and that you honestly make a difference when you vote, even though you are usually just choosing one Dark Doer over another.  Even politicians who promise great things like jobs for all, great futures for society’s youth, and care for the elderly don’t mean what they say.

In the end, Dark Doers’ ultimate desire is to take away your ability to think by offering false promises of comfort and security and delivering on those promises in the most destructive ways possible. Think of them as the creators of chronic insecurity that turns beautiful human beings into Sheeple.

Although Dark Doers do a lot of harm, I really do believe that these people can change. Deep down, and when they listen to their intuition, I don’t think they are happy about what they do.

5. The Free Doer

We were all born free with love in our hearts for humanity. We have free will to do whatever we please. The stage may be set for us, however we pull our own strings.

This is, in essence, what a Free Doer lives by.

Free Doers are similar to Free Thinkers. Both trust their intuition, reject peer pressure to conform, and question any message delivered by an authority (government, the media, a corporation, etc) and look for the hard facts from a reputable source before they believe anything they read or hear. Neither follows anyone or anything unquestioningly nor denies anyone or any viewpoint automatically. Both strive for balance in their thinking.

However the key difference between both groups is that a Free Doer takes action—they do something with their knowledge of just feeling smug and superior to the Sheeple who don’t have their insight. And what a Free Doer does is for the benefit of others, be that the people of a small community or humanity at large.

Whether a Free Doer makes a difference or not isn’t ultimately as important as the fact that they are inspired to try. Their attempts to better humanity inspire others to make a difference, which creates a ripple effect—a ripple effect of doing good for humanity’s good. Free Doer Mother Teresa once beautifully described how this ripple effect worked:

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”

For the Free Doer, helping people around them means striving to build a world we can be proud of, not a world that will be profitable for only a few people or companies.

Free Doers possess the following characteristics:

  • They do not judge people by what they look like, what nation’s flag flies behind them, or what religion they practice. They want to help everyone regardless of where they come from.
  • They believe the world is a rich and beautiful place, and that it can provide for everybody here.
  • They are not driven by the hate and intolerance encouraged by national barriers, religious institutions, and the mass media.
  • They do not blindly follow rituals, family habits, or traditions because, as Sheeple would say, “Well, that’s what we do!”
  • They do not accept that “preemptive war” or going to war for “protection against terrorism” is right just because politicians say doing so will make the world safer. They want to see hard facts that show the need for something like this. Even if they find those facts, they also believe that conflicts like these have more peaceful solutions.
  • They do not become good little consumers for something to do, and they don’t believe in collecting more “stuff” (like the latest TV or the newest car) that won’t add any element of happiness to their lives.
  • They understand that we need more than advanced machinery, technology, and “things” to live good lives. They want to see money spent on making people happier, healthier, and more at peace than on gadgets.
  •  They believe there is good in every human being, and that if someone is doing harm to others, then society must help that person become a happier, kinder human being rather than throwing them in a prison to rot.
  • They believe that kindness and gentleness are greater virtues than cleverness.
  • They follow their intuition and don’t act on problems without it.
    They want to take the power from the Dark Doers and give it back to the people. They believe that no one person or handful of people should rule over humanity.
  • They believe that through love that we can repair the current system we live in.
  • They believe that God/the universe/the life force that surrounds us is within each person, and that we all have the power to change the world.
  • They believe that each person has the power to change the world for the better, and that we can all work together to create a new world which serves all of our best interests.
  • Overall, they believe that we are all one, and that God/The Universe /the life force is within each and every single person. Thus, they can look at another person across the street, including someone society has labeled as “worthless,” and say, “I am that person.”
  • They believe in a world where each human being will be able to pursue their passions without worrying about meeting their needs.
  • They believe in a world that gives young people a great harmonious future while providing for the elderly to fully enjoy their golden years.
  •  They are willing not only to put their love for humanity above their own interests and safety, but to die for their belief that the world can be a better place for everyone.
  • They believe that as more Sheeple, Black Sheeple, and Free Thinkers wake up and become Free Doers that we will all change the world together. Otherwise, we will all perish together.

Free Doers aren’t Dark Doers; they don’t promise that they will do these things if society elects them to a position of power. In fact, they believe any person trying to rule people like this is someone who needs to be helped to understand that their need to rule over others can be replaced by more love for humanity.

Above all, Free Doers know that there is no such thing as tomorrow when it comes to making a difference. There is only NOW.

“What can I do about this now?”

Outside of Dark Doers who are acting out of a place of hatred and fear, Sheeple, Black Sheeple, Free Thinkers and Free Doers have several things in common.

  • All four want love and to live harmoniously with others. They also want people to live happily rather than in misery.
  • They don’t accept the status quo (Black Sheeple, Free Thinkers, and Free Doers)
  • They think for themselves (Free Thinkers and Free Doers)

I believe that all four types are beautiful and that all have their place in society. That said, I also believe we are at a critical point in the world’s history. It’s one of the best times we’ve ever had for people to rise up with love against a global system that has held us down for far too long, suppressing human equality for the power and wealth of the few.

I also believe that anyone can become more focused on bettering humanity. Sheeple and Black Sheeple can learn to think for themselves, and that even Dark Doers can be taught to let go of their desire for power and control.

Currently, Dark Doers control the Sheeple (who don’t care one way or the other), the Black Sheeple and Free Thinkers (whether they like it or not), and the Free Doers (who know this but are fighting for a better world). However , I truly believe Dark Doers can be changed. Remember, deep down Dark Doers don’t really feel good about what they are doing. When they’re presented with no other option but to have a system which has the people’s best interests at heart and which is not run by the one or the few who have all the power, they will step aside. And it will be our duty as people of good will to work with them to bring the love of humanity back into their hearts.

In the meantime, it’s up to those of us who aren’t Dark Doers to become Free Doers so we can help bring about change in an unequal world. Let’s look past the greed, hatred, and unquestioned thinking that enslaves us and think of how we can break down national barriers and do away with greed, hate, and intolerance. Let’s think how we can create a world that runs on reason and the love of humanity, where technology and the world’s abundance can be used to enhance everyone’s happiness.

What does that world look like? Well, consider this scene from the Al Pacino movie Any Given Sunday.

If you can’t play or watch this clip, the dialogue goes like this:

“You gotta look at the guy next to you, look into his eyes. Now I think you are going to see a guy who will go that inch with you … You will see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team, because he knows when it comes down to it, you are going to do the same for him! That’s a team, gentlemen!  And, we either heal NOW as a team right now, or we will die as individuals.

As a newly awoken Free Doer, you must NOW claw your way out of the hold that the system has had on you, which your gut instinct/intuition always told you wasn’t right.

As you go, remember that the best way to make yourself happier is to NOW work on helping someone else.

Even better, look at ways you can NOW work on changing something in your neighborhood or community that you always thought would make people around you happier. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is yet. Your gut will tell you if you listen.

NOW what are you going to do?


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Comics by Ray M




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