How Do I Become a Free Doer?

by Nick Dunin

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-tzu

You do not just wake up and magically become a Free Doer, there is no pill which will fast track you there, there is no special program you need to buy online, no book you need to buy, no sabbatical you need to take.

Free Doers are people who live their lives through love wanting to help humanity. They do not fall into greed, hatred or intolerance, and they believe that any other person is different to themselves. They believe all people are equal, and want to make a better place through their actions.  They want major decisions made to make people happier, they believe that kindness and gentleness are greater virtues than cleverness.

What you have to do is look deep within yourself, face yourself head on and look at who you really are without the mind interfering. It may take a great deal of time till you are able to quiet that mind, and just feel and be with yourself to understand who you really are and what you really want to do.

This for most people will not be an immediate quest, this may take you days, months, years depending on really where you’re at in your life, and how addicted you are to external things rather than looking deep within to work out who you really are.

What you will need to do is….

1. You need to know your life purpose

Why are you here on this planet, what do you love doing? You are blessed with a unique path and unique skill that you love to do. It could be painting, talking, drawing, entrepreneurship, nutrition, flying kites, fishing, etc. Whatever it is, one of the best ways to find your life purpose is by simply asking yourself these five questions:

i. Who am I?

ii. What do I love doing?

iii. Who you will do it for?

iv. What do those people want or need?

v. How will this impact these people’s lives?

This forces you to become outward facing: the most successful people will always focus on who they want to serve and help, rather than look inwards at themselves and what they will gain out of it. If you focus on trying to make a difference in other people’s lives, you become happier and will be rewarded continuously as a result. Being of service to others gives your life purpose.

By sitting quietly in meditation, you will become more aware of these areas; spending time by yourself to assess these areas and become clear with what ‘vibrates’ beautifully with you, what makes you feel great.

You will find a cause that you will die for.

Once you begin to get through those steps here, you will begin feeling drawn to something which helps other people, whatever that something is; it will be an area where you can focus to make the world a better place.

2. You need to sit quietly with yourself in meditation

Sit quietly for 20 to 40 minutes a day without any external distractions. i.e. no TV, phone, computer, book, or even open eyes to be distracted by the world around you. If you are not sitting with yourself quietly every day, you are never going to be able to feel what you really need to be doing in your life. You will always be constantly reacting to your mind, living the life that the external world tells you need to be living rather than the life you choose for yourself.

For example, I just meditated, and I just started writing, and this post came out. When you get out of the way of your true self, and let consciousness flow through you, you’ll be amazed at what starts changing within your life.

Don’t expect immediate results, it may take you months to a year till you notice something, however I feel if you really want to do something with your life, make a difference on this earth and leave a footprint of your love for the world for eternity, you need to meditate.

 The best forms of meditation is sitting by yourself for 20 minutes twice a day. Put an alarm clock on for 20 minutes to alert you to come back.

You can say ‘I am’ or ‘so hum’ (I am) for 20 minutes, which helps get you deep in your heart.  You have something to focus on. Don’t worry if thoughts come up, they are not you – let them pass, seriously. It does not matter in the beginning, the main thing is that you are saying the ‘I am’ mantra.

3. You have to have 100% belief in yourself

I believe the worst travesty on this earth today is the inner critic within everyone’s minds. You will learn that the inner critic/judge/parasite within our mind has been conditioned by our parents, telling you what you can and cannot do from an early age. You then are told you are ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ at school; your mind learns what happens here in these situations, and begins to critique you viscously automatically over time.

With the impact of parents, school, peer group, society has given a huge amount of fuel to this critic to continually judge you to be aligned with others’ beliefs rather than your own. All day, every fucking day, each of us lets this critic rule our lives, when it is not really us.

We have charities for external problems ,such as the environment, poverty, inequality, health issues, etc. These organisations have worthy aspirations, however they don’t get to the root cause of all these problems, which is a world full of people walking around with a lack of belief in themselves, who then reflect this lack of belief into negativity out in the world. All our problems stem from this. Nothing else.

This root cause – a lack of self-belief – is due to this inner critic, which has been implanted into you by others. The worst harm done to you in our life is this critic. We are the only creatures on the planet who pay for the same mistake more than once. You do something, then this judge is condemning you for not following the outside world’s dream. You need to start breaking apart this inner critic.

How do you do this? How do you quieten this critic? By beginning to sit quietly with yourself (see step 2 about meditation).

4. You ignore all external influences and forgive them

At this point, you will begin to influenced by external influences (family, school, peers, society, TV, newspaper, radio, internet) that have no direct impact on your own path. You need to detach from these external media sources, from the negative impulses that are created to keep you in a state of fear and tell you what to do. The alternative is to be in your state of love, wanting to help people and fulfil your life purpose.

When you detach, you will no longer be caught up in trawling Facebook feeds to see how others are living their lives. The inner critic will become weaker, as the critic loved to feed off of others’ lives and bash you for not living yours. It’s starting to lose its grip on you! 🙂

You learn to NOT TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY no matter what other say or do to you. You realise they are all struggling with their own inner critic, they are in their own battle with this which they are losing every day. They are not acting from their true selves, so you don’t need to take offence at anything they do to you.

Since they are not you, IGNORE THEM AND FORGIVE THEM! They are on their own path, you are on your own path. No one, absolutely no one, can tell you what the fuck to do. You can respectfully nod at these people as they give you their sermon like an egotistical priest, however you don’t need to take it on board, as that would allow your critic to become stronger from their influence. You no longer live a life focused on pleasing others.

As you begin to forgive these external influencers on your life you begin to forgive yourself, and then you can truly move forward to make a huge difference.

When you cut this off, all hate and intolerance to different types of people subsides; you don’t care about buying more stuff that you don’t really need, finding someone else to come into your life in order to be happy, you truly begin to find yourself and are very happy with yourself.

As you find yourself, you begin to walk your true path, not the one that you have been led to believe you are meant to live, and you will find love and happiness streaming into you and through you to the rest of the world.

5. You do not make assumptions

You have a consistent ingrained habit of make assumptions about everything. The issue here is that all of this is a perception of reality and not the reality you are here to live in.

When there is drama in your life it usually stems from making assumptions and taking things personally. This makes the inner critic very powerful, and continues the disease within your mind.

As a Free Doer you no longer make any assumptions, and when they do occur within the mind, you simply observe them come in and out, and don’t take them on. Because to take them on is to take a Seawise Giant-sized anchor on board and sink deep within the abyss, with your inner critic in control of the ship. Removing assumptions allows you jettison this dead weight and take control of your own destiny to make the world a more fantabulous place.

6. You understand the higher purpose of the issues and obstacles of your life

We are all confronted by obstacles from time to time. Some of these can be very disruptive, consuming you for months, even years at a time.  How you deal with these setbacks is up to you. You can let them tie you down or simply look at them for what they are… a lesson for you to grow to where you are really meant to be on this planet.

Personally, I have been confronted with many setbacks, and in all shapes and sizes. They destroyed the person I thought I was, smashed my self-image, hurt me physically, socially embarrassed me, brought me to zero dollars in the bank far too many times. I’ve had loved ones leave my life (because I was never grateful when I had them in it), hurt others physically and emotionally in drunken rages, and lost my mind on drugs. Many times I’ve woken up with the feeling that the day is a massive climb uphill to get to where I want to go.

The key differentiator for me was when I began looking at life through positive and negative polarities.

I realised that when I was facing a major obstacle, I could just put up with bad effect it had on me, or I could look at it another way. I had the choice of either letting this bad thing trigger negative thoughts, with the inner critic bashing me, or I could look at all the (potentially) positive effects it could bring into my life – new people, friends to support me, and new opportunities to grow.

Choosing the second option means sitting quietly, without resisting the obstacle, and waiting until I become aware of the learning for growth and learning from the situation.

It’s a lesson or it’s lost. That’s your predicament with life’s obstacles. There is a positive and negative polarity that happens in this case. Look for the positives that each obstacle has created for you.

7. You have a morning ritual to set yourself up to do the best you possibly can

To give yourself the best chance and the most energy throughout the day to do the things that will make an impact in the world around you, start your day by lighting a burning fire within. A morning ritual is the best kindling you can have for this.

Here are some of the elements you might include within your morning ritual – experiment and stick with the ones that work best for you. I want you flying out of the gates, full of excitement to tackle your projects and make the world a better place 🙂

  • Gratitude practice – Gratitude makes your heart stronger and the critic weaker. Say 10 things you are grateful for each day. You can write them down or say them in your mind.

  • Cleansing – lemon with water upon getting up, practice pulling with oil in your mouth to bring out all the toxins, and using a neti pot  to clean your passageways.

  • Exercise – yoga, weights, or running. Exercise with your bare feet on the grass to generate electrons throughout your body. Ride to work instead of driving.

  • Meditation – If you meditate straight after exercise, you will have energy flowing throughout your body, making for a great session.

  • Visualise your day – go through all the tasks you will complete today and how much fun you will have interacting with people.

  • Healthy raw food – My morning shake consists of: Hemp protein, seed mix (Chia, pumpkin and/or kernel seeds), Bee Pollen, MSM, super green powder mix, cactus fibre, spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, frozen raspberries and blueberries, Marine phytoplankton, Olive leaf extract, Gota kola, Brahmi (keen mind), goji berries. Days I really need to be on fire, I’ll add superfoods like maca powder and raw cacao to the mix. These are pretty much all of the most energising super foods.

8. You make time to be a Free Doer

You understand that there are many work, current life and family commitments that take up the majority of your time. However, you begin to eliminate commitments that no longer serve you as you wake up to your true path as a Free Doer. You start to make time – either a few hours a day or a day or two a week – where you work on being a Free Doer and making a difference to those around you.

To keep it simple, you schedule time consistently every week for being a Free Doer. You make that phone call, write that email, do that research, take those actions each and every week that make the world a better place.

9. You take action to change the world

Now that you are aware of your life purpose and how it will help people, you will look to put this in hyperdrive. It may be a long journey or a short one depending on where you are at within your life, but the most important activity you do is start taking action today to change the world. Why not have lofty goals?

The life purpose you identify at Step 1 will guide you: it will show you who you want to help. Begin by helping these people on a smaller scale and build from there; let there be no limits to how many more you help.

For example within my own life, I want to help people wake up to their true potential of living their life through their intuition – the life they were always meant to live, rather than the typical 9-5, mortgage hamster wheel which most are trapped within. I want people to question the system that we live in and look for a humane existence.

I have started this path through setting up a float tank centre. While floating, with no external stimuli for the first time in their lives, people can be truly with themselves, assessing their lives and expanding their minds towards better possibilities for themselves. I also do this on a 1-2-1 basis, mentoring young men to take action on how to make a difference in the world in their own unique way. It brings me much satisfaction to watch these guys make stronger steps towards being a force within the world.

I’m inspired by great Free Doers who are out there taking action to change the world on a daily basis. Like Russell Brand, who is waking a great deal of people right now through his comedy shows, tweets and public debates on the media around dismantling the current bi-partisan system which simply doesn’t work. Then you have Ronny Edry, an Israeli designer who wanted to show Iranian people they really do care for them and don’t want war against them by creating pictures of himself and his family saying ‘Iranians we love you’. This started an avalanche of Iranians and Israelis on Facebook posting up their own pictures of themselves sending messages of love to the other side. This is taking action to change the world on a larger scale.

10. You love everything and everyone. Love is courage.

Everything comes from the heart, everything comes from love. As a Free Doer you really want to help make the world a better place by taking action on your feelings of love. This sets you apart from Free Thinkers, who have all the information they need to make a difference but are caught in their heads, their fears holding them back from making a positive difference in the world.

Ultimately a Free Doer is someone who comes from love at all times, and understands that the war to change the world does not start ‘out there’ – it starts within themselves. The war is against the inner critic of the mind. Once you conquer the critic you begin to live through through love for everyone and everything.

Now more than ever, the world needs you to be your loving self, living through your heart to be the best possible person you can be to make the world a better place. You are a loving being – continue to be this person.

Through giving the world love, you become a Free Doer 🙂

I will continue to dig deeper into each of these areas with future posts here on Sign up with your email now  to have each new life lesson sent to you the moment it’s published.


  1. Sal says

    I absolutely love this page.

    This is very inspiring and has caught me at a time when I really need it so I just want to say thank you!!


  2. Annie says

    Great to hear someone writing this stuff. You’ve put it in such a way that it should be an inviting challenge for everyone to take up. I agree, instead of being a critic audience, we need to work inwards on ourselves and believe that as we grow from this experience that it will follow a natural path towards being contagious among those around us! Letting go of fear opens up a channel and opportunities for healing the spirit. Thankyou Nick, for sharing these spiritual insights from the awakening you have experienced.

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