How Do I Become a Free Doer?

by Nick Dunin

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-tzu

You do not just wake up and magically become a Free Doer, there is no pill which will fast track you there, there is no special program you need to buy online, no book you need to buy, no sabbatical you need to take.

Free Doers are people who live their lives through love wanting to help humanity. They do not fall into greed, hatred or intolerance, and they believe that any other person is different to themselves. They believe all people are equal, and want to make a better place through their actions.  They want major decisions made to make people happier, they believe that kindness and gentleness are greater virtues than cleverness.

What you have to do is look deep within yourself, face yourself head on and look at who you really are without the mind interfering. It may take a great deal of time till you are able to quiet that mind, and just feel and be with yourself to understand who you really are and what you really want to do.

This for most people will not be an immediate quest, this may take you days, months, years depending on really where you’re at in your life, and how addicted you are to external things rather than looking deep within to work out who you really are.

What you will need to do is….

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The Five Types of People on This Planet

by Nick Dunin

You’ve probably noticed this planet is in deep trouble.

Whether you look at politics, the economy, social issues, war, the media, or the environment, you’ll find conflict, inequality and their consequences. It’s not a pretty sight.

It’s easy to look at the big picture and feel overwhelmed, or to sit back and wait for someone else (the government? big business? charities?) to deal with the problems we face. But all these problems are created by people. And whether each of us is adding to the problems or working towards a solution depends on the kind of person we choose to be.

Basically, there are people on this earth who make a difference to those around them and to humanity (however big or small that difference is), and there are people that do not.

These are the five types of people in the world today as I see it – see if you recognise yourself, and any of the people around you.

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