Have you noticed this planet is in trouble?

The Dark Doers have taken control. They are the 0.001% of people who have money, power and direction of where the world is heading.

As a result there are many issues that we are facing such as the political system, the economy, social issues, the media, education system, ecology, globalisation and many more.

Most people are Sheeple – oblivious, powerless.

When Sheeple start to awake, many of them turn into Black Sheeple, who believe everything is a lie, continually paranoid looking for a conspiracy at every corner.

A few are more conscious – Free Thinkers, who see through the lies and media haze. But that’s where it ends, in their minds.

What we need now, more than ever, are not just Free Thinkers, but Free Doers. People who don’t just think, but take action to solve problems, build a better society and a better future for this planet.

What is a Free Doer?


A Free Doer is someone who lives their lives through love wanting to help humanity. They do not fall into greed, hatred or intolerance, and they don’t believe that any other person is different to themselves. They believe all people are equal, and want to make a better place through their actions. They want major decisions made to make people happier, they believe that kindness and gentleness are greater virtues than cleverness.

FreeDoer.com is a site that will teach you:

  • how to become a free doer through knowing your life purpose

  • how to meditate

  • how to have 100% belief in yourself

  • how to ignore all external influences

  • how to stop making assumptions about people or things

  • understanding the purpose of obstacles in your life

  • how to setup healthy habits

  • allowing yourself to take action to change the world

Freedoer.com is about living a life making a difference and why it’s important today.

It’s about questioning why we operate the way that we do.

It’s about finding out who you were always meant to be on this planet.

It’s about understanding that obstacles are lessons or they are lost.

It’s about getting out of the rat race and feeling great about it.

Free Doer will feature one or two powerful articles a week on being the person you were always meant to be on this planet, feeling great about every single day you are on this planet, as you are making the world a better place by being you.

So who am I to tell you about this?

My name is Nick Dunin. I’m an entrepreneur and activist who started Free Doer to chronicle my experiences and share what I have learnt from them.


It’s fair to say I’ve done my share of weird, wonderful, daring and downright dangerous things:

  • Was violent from the age of 4

  • Lied, stole and vandalised as a teenager

  • Only went to school at exam time

  • Co-founded a multi-million-dollar porn business

  • Had multi-million-dollar porn business stolen from me

  • Turned down playing in the AFL (professional Aussie Rules football) twice

  • Overcome sexual addiction (sleeping with an average of 20 new women a month)

  • Overcome anger problems (constantly in street fights)

  • Overcome alcohol addiction

  • Overcome drug addiction to speed, ecstasy and cocaine

  • Worked around the world on my laptop

  • Started a company with 400 employees then collapsed it spectacularly

  • Lost everything I had and started again from scratch (twice)

  • Regained confidence through float tanks, yoga, meditation and finding my life purpose

  • Discovered happiness comes through making a difference to people’s lives

  • Realised that people come in and out of your life to deliver a lesson

  • Found valuable life direction through psychedelics

  • Worked hard to become a more loving son, brother, friend and partner

  • Created a float tank business

  • Mentored a group of young men to become Free Doers

  • Founded FreeDoer.com to share the lessons I have learned with the world

As you can see, I learn by doing, not just reading. So I promise you’ll be getting wisdom won by experience, not just stuff I found in a book.

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